Company Profile

Rimal Engineering Products (Rimal) was founded in 1989 in Abu Dhabi, and it has helped suppliers and manufacturers of construction materials and chemicals develop and build their brands and gain a foothold in the UAE market ever since. Rimal is Abu Dhabi’s premier developer and distributor of construction and building materials, with clients across the Middle East. The past two decades has seen the company develop strong partner relationships with all major construction companies across the region, and it is renowned for its honest, professional around-the-clock customer service.


Through its proud legacy of professional service, Rimal has gained the enviable position of being the partner of choice and has some involvement with most new projects under construction in Abu Dhabi, including some of the most prestigious new residential and commercial developments in the Emirate.


Rimal is the exclusive agent for leading international brands such as Conmix, James Gibbons Format, Strongwell, Avonite, and E-Max as well as Arabian Concrete Products, and was associated with BASF Construction Chemicals, formerly known as FEB Construction, for more than 20 years. With a strong track record of introducing brands such as these to the local market in the UAE, Rimal is a sought after agent, and it is always open to bringing in new partners wishing to establish a presence in the UAE.


What our principals say:

“Rimal Engineering Products provide the best distributor service that any product supplier could expect within this region.”

“Customers in Abu Dhabi are receiving from Rimal Engineering Products the highest service standard available.”

General Manager,BASF Construction Chemicals UAE LLC


“CONMIX has a longstanding relationship with Rimal Engineering Products since 1990. They understand the existing business scenario and we find them to be highly market savvy. They are professionally managed and efficient. Their service and co-operation has been outstanding and we appreciate their efforts behind establishing the brand image of CONMIX in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

Mr. Lothar Helllenkamp, CEO, CONMIX LTD